Winter is no longer coming… it is here. And with the arrival of winter comes snowy drives, icy sidewalks, frigid temperatures, the list goes on and on. Now more than ever, it is important for our caregivers and our seniors to stay safe with the crazy weather! We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and resources for staying safe in this slippery weather!

Helping Seniors Stay Safe

  • Wear the correct foot wear! The risk for falls is higher with the winter weather, so make sure to put on your winter boots or shoes with traction to avoid a preventable fall
  • Use rock salt or leftover ash from the fireplace on the sidewalks to help melt the ice and create more traction
  • Use a delivery service for your groceries! More and more companies are setting up programs to pre-order groceries and have them delivered. Try one of these: InstaCart, Kroger, or Walmart.
  • Take your cell phone! Don’t forget to grab your cellphone or alert device in case there is an emergency
  • Take advantage of your local transportation services! Services like GoGoGrandparent are a great way to get out in the community without putting yourself at risk.
    • GoGoGrandparent is available for any type of ride (non-medical), give them a call at 855-464-6872 and a driver will be there to pick you up within 15 minutes
    • Perry Senior Services for trips within Perry Township
    • Door2Door for medical appointments, pharmacy needs and grocery shopping within Marion County
    • Its-EMS provides emergent and non-emergent transports, you can give them a call at 317-481-9000
  • Don’t push your limits! Be aware of how you are feeling (inside & outside) before going for a trek outside.

Staying Safe as a Caregiver

  • Be careful when driving to and from your shifts! You, the caregivers, are our most important asset here at Changes Home Care, so use caution when driving and stay safe.
  • Give yourself extra time before the shift starts to preheat your car and scrap off any ice if needed.
  • Leave a little early! Make sure to give yourself extra time to get to a shift as the roads may be busier than normal.
  • Make a winter safety kit for your car. Do your part to be prepared for whatever weather comes our way.
    • Full tank of gas,
    • Fist aid kit,
    • Extra blankets,
    • Jumper cables,
    • Ice scrapers, and
    • A cellphone charger
  • Call us! If anything were to happen, don’t freak out and stay calm! Just give us a call at 317-271-3800 and we can figure the problem out together.

Winter weather can be tricky to navigate, but keeping these tips and tricks in mind can make the season much more manageable. Look out for one another and stay safe out there!