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Dementia Care

More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. And with that number rising as high as 16 million by 2050, it is more important now than ever for caregivers to be trained specifically on how to best care for seniors with the disease. Our caregivers go through a special training program that includes a lecture, video, and test they must pass before completing orientation. The following are various topics caregivers learn about during the alzheimer’s training:

  • Learn the symptoms of dementia, such as signs of memory loss, disorientation, confusion
  • How to communicate with alzheimer’s clients, i.e. repeated questions/ phrases
  • Differences between early and late stage dementia
  • How to handle aggressive or frightened behaviors
  • Providing a calm environment
  • Identify self each time to client
  • Signs of and how to protect against neglect and abuse

Our caregivers will encourage clients to complete routines of self care when they are able and encourage them to remain as independent as possible.

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